Thursday, May 3, 2012

Iikagen ni mezamenasai!

If only I have a teacher like her. I may have been a lot TOUGHER now. cewah~

Well, it's only a dorama. Does a person like her even exist in this world? Who knows..

Anyway, the picture is captured from Jouou no Kyoshitsu (Queen's Classroom) SP. And the title is the phrase that this evil teacher always says to her students. (she was nicknamed Akuma from AKUtsu MAya. it means devil lol) The translator translated it into "OPEN YOUR EYES!". More like, stop being so stupid! She is full of good life advice. I like. I felt like I was the one being advised on.. Her words just got through me. Even though she said it in Japanese, and I only read the subtitles..The words punched me right in the face. I just..felt it. Or maybe is it because I am too much of a weeabo? ahak

 Next dorama marathon: Perfect Report. yeah!