Monday, June 4, 2012

tfsoc - who are you again?

today, before dusk, i wandered at the park. aimlessly, the one near the river. and alone. actually, i planned to do some jogging. but when i arrived at the park, the mood was gone. i don't know, suddenly i didn't feel like i wanted to jog. so, i took a walk. observing people. oh i love observing people.

there's a group of Chinese women, i believe they are in their 50s, doing some weird dance. with the radio playing some Chinese folk music. and they danced within the rhythm! wow that's nice. i looked at them for a while..and i came into conclusion that it is not a taichi! it's just a weird dance. or exercise. at least they were doing something healthy at their age.

if i know how to do that dance, i may have joined them...err


there's always a couple at the park. right? this couple sitting on a bench that i saw was a typical dumb meleis. i don't suppose they're married. you know, married couple won't show their affection in the public. and they...hurm, you can say i'm not interested to watch them.

looking away..

a man with a cap on, sitting near the river, hiding himself from people. what is he doing? fishing. i thought you cannot fish here? walking towards him, i found no fish, only empty bucket. thought i would ask him, caught any? inappropriate question huh. sarcasm perhaps. i never fish, so criticizing his hobby is not a good idea. i decided to look at the river for a moment. man, what has happened to our river? why would people throwing rubbishes, junks, plastics into the river? i'm trying to search for any water strider because i heard somewhere they are indicator that the water is clean. seeing none, hopelessly, i looked at the clouds. pretty. when can i fly up there?

felt a thirst in my throat..

when is the last time i have my gulp? 4pm? 2 hours ago, no wonder. wait, did i bring any water with me? i just remembered that it was one of the reasons i decided not to jog, forgot to bring my bottle. off to grocery shop nearby..

The only store came into mind is a Mamak's been there since i was a kid. tough business, most shops next to it already closed or changing its owners. tempted to drink a ribena, i bought the 250ml bottle. and this was where i met this...acquaintance of mine that i didn't remember.

"eh, hakim chanz! pekabar? ingat tak?"
"erm..baik....ingat kot.."

we shook hands. smiling.
he's young, probably the same age as me, or younger, and the truth was i didn't have the slightest idea who is he. but because he greeted me, i assumed we know each other then.

"buat pa kat sini?"

err..can't you see? i'm buying a ribena.

"beli air. dahaga." 
"oo.. bukan lah. buat pa la ni? batch hampa mesti dah abeh dah study.."

i hate that question. that's why i thought he asked differently.

"aah..tak buat pa. baru abeh kontrak ari tu kerja. cari kerja lain rr..hang? katna la ni?"

i assumed he is my junior from school..well, from his way of asking..

"hah, aku kat utm. tgh praktikal dah skang ni.."
"oo..praktikal katna? kulim?"
"aah.. hi tech."
"oo bagus ar..dekat."
"haha..k r weh. balik dulu."

he paid the retailer his Gardenia bread and rushing towards his Yamaha 135LC.

so i went home and then suddenly i started to remember who he was. not remember his name, just remember we may have been residing in same dorm back then. i turn on my lappy, log in facebook, trying to find out who the hell is the person i just met with the fact that he is from my school, and probably 2 years younger. UTM. It's easy. Just looking through my juniors that I've added, their list of friends that went to the same school. Typing several names that I guess he is.

And thus I found him. I still did not add him as friend. So request sent. Friended. My wall was scribbled. Commenting and liking. And that's how I was sure we were in the same dorm, only thing was I never really talked to him back then. He's not really a timid type, he played for our soccer team, but we never really interacted with each other..well, I'm the quiet one. Nerds. And I'm only closely friend with quiet, unpopular juniors as well! haha

By the way, it's normal. Juniors know their seniors, but seniors hardly ever remember their juniors. Am I right?

oh yeah, my juniors rarely called me "abang"..cuz..well, i never really looked like an abang. only skema juniors would even use that to call me. when i was form 3, people thought i'm form 1. luckily, they never misunderstood that when i was form 5.


tfsoc - the fictional story of chanz.

p/s: this is a fiction. with a mix of real stories. isn't that how fiction is? in reality today i'm just sitting at my room discriminating myself from the world, being a hermit. a hikikomori watching jdrama/anime about people like me trying to find a place in the society. or you can say i'm just trying to work my sloppy English