Monday, February 25, 2013

Bye Bye Mini.


I was careless.


I hated that I was unable to install many apps inside my android.

I said, "Stupid Mini."

"Shut up. Memory full memory full whatttt de fukk!!"

I said it out loud that I want to get a new handphone.

It just started actually, this "full memory" thingy. I've been using this phone since 2011 but only recently that I was able to frequently connect to internet with it. I thought that I already uninstall heavy apps like Angry Birds or Facebook, but what the heck?

And disappointed that I was unable to store many songs in it.

And about my earphone. Its left side has broken. Sometimes the left side worked, can hear the music but sometimes I can only hear from the right side. So last week, once I arrived at Pudu Sentral, quickly I searched for a mobile phone kiosk to get an earphone. Bought a cikai one, only RM23, I took a look at the package it says, "beats by dr dre". seems legit. But meh, cheap product is cheap. There's noise from the music can be heard.

So I changed back to the old Samsung earphone, which I got it together with my Samsung YP-U3 mp3 player I bought in 2009, and guess what, OKAY PULAKK..

From Pudu to Maluri, in the train, I could listen to music very clearly with the old earphone.

It's like he knew I needed him, wanted to show the new earphone that he's still the best.

But that's not the point of this entry.

The next day, like usual, I was tasked to get taxi for us, because the hotel security called many times and still unable getting a taxi, thus we went to catch taxi on the roads.

Here in KL it's not that much a problem to get a taxi.

We got a taxi. A young Indian taxi driver. I thought the taxi driver wouldn't take us five. I'm the only male so I have to sit at the front. Once we reached destination, they decided I should pay the taxi and left me alone inside. I never like to be left behind so I became a bit flustered. Paid the taxi, asked a receipt and off I go.

Walked towards the building..1 minute later, checked my pockets and realized there's no handphone in my pocket! f*ck!

Go back to where the taxi stopped, maybe I dropped it on the road. No. It wasn't there. Asked my friend to call my number. And......

No tone. fu*k! Try calling again. No tone.


There's only one conclusion. I left it in the taxi, the driver saw it and never bother to tell me about it once I get out, saw it as an opportunity, took out my sim card and threw it away.

Called the celcom centre, asked them to block my sim.



Buh bye Mini. You have been serving me very good. Thanks for making me know the world of android. Please screw your next owner by becoming dysfunctional as soon as you can. Please.

Our friendship for one year was not meaningless!!

Now what kind of smartphone should I get next?