Sunday, March 3, 2013


So I went to watch Jack The Giant Slayer.

No, not dragon slayer. Giants.

The movie was.....okay. Predictable. What to expect from an adaptation of folktale.

I think during my childhood, Jack and the Beanstalk was one of my favorite. I remember I read a picture book of it. I went to the kitchen taking beans, threw it away into our shower room hoping it will grow onto the sky. My mom asked me what was I doing, I said, I want to "naik atas". Silly.

I guess I like the story cuz I want to go up high the sky. The clouds are beautiful and mysterious. Wouldn't it be awesome if there's really people living in the sky? Even now, I wish I can fly.

I remember putting one of my character in my comic (when I was form 2) named Jack. Jack Kazen. Maybe because of this story.

Another child story I like would be Pinocchio.


I would like to talk about "Giants". Why are there so many stories about them? Is it just a human imagination or they really did exist? If to relate with Islam's story, are they Yakjuj & Makjuj? Are they the barbarians? Are they really that big? Some said our ancestors actually are very huge. We have degraded into smaller particles. What about bigfoots?

There are so many mysteries in this world that only God knows about.


In One Piece, it has both. People living in the sky (Skypie) and the giants. Skypie arc, the story of friendship between Noland & Calgara touched my heart.


Talking about logic, how do giants survive eating such little. Lambs? Humans? Not sure that's enough...Giants need giant animals as well to survive. That movie fails to answer my logical mind. #blameintp


And that movie made me think about a manga about fighting with giants. Attack on Titan. There will be anime for it. I've read several chapters of the manga, the plot kinda slow, and story is weak on character grow. But I like the air. The feel in the manga. All characters seem depressed, everybody's dead, feel hopeless to win. I like that. And it really seems like THEY CAN NEVER WIN. The giants has evolved to be able to think, not brainless anymore. Making it hard for them. How are they going to win?? That's what we want to see, surprise, surprise.