Monday, April 29, 2013

Time vs Money.....City vs Countryside


My decision is never really firm. Never absolute. #singforabsolution


I said I want to stay. Do I, really? #iwillstay #dontstay

Oh I didn't really discuss about this matter with people then last week the topic came again. This certain someone said I should go and it made me think again. #whenyourethroughthinkingsayyes

Looking back at the past, about me taking this course (heck my blog is all about me regretting about that) back then I thought I'll get over anything, can take upon anything, I said, AHH I'M GOING TO LOVE IT SOMEDAY, I'M GOING TO GET JOB EASIER ONCE FINISH, and.... this is one step closer to SANJI. Those never happened. I graduated, became a NEET for 5 months, had a hard time with freaking first job as a robot catering dietitian and never loved the job. #IDontLoveYou

Jumping from one job to another. #Jump

I love my current job. Money is okay. Colleague is okay. Workplace is okay. At hometown also. #InMyPlace

Customer? Varies. There's one even want me to do a freelance counselling which...I...well. I said I had to schedule time. #forgottenpromises

Only problem is ..... time. #clocks
I hardly ever have time for myself. Imagine working 6 days a week. On weekend sometimes extra hours, 12 hours. In a week average I worked for 50-55 hours. Luckily can cut down hours. People asking me out, I had to decline cuz....I AM WORKING YOU KNOW YOU LAZY SCUMS. #skintobone

The longest break I had was......2 days right? I never had 3 days break right........ #holiday

Sometimes, had to stay up late at night for an outlet renovation. #HoldOnTilTheNight

So my colleague and me wanted to go for gym, hahahahaa how many times only did we 'gym'ing? #gwiyomi

City life never excite me. There are too many people, too many cars, too many arrghhh in short I just don't like it. #CityofDelusion

I want to live my life some place where things are not complicated, I can travel easily, place where I know people. I doubt those city people know people around them. #strangers

Actually I had a bad experience there. Which reason I wanted to go back to my hometown, so badly. #home

At this point of writing, I'm still unsure. #blackout #ImAMess

Yeah of course my parents told me to go. #planetarygo

#ItGetsBetter #CarryOn #AllAlright #Try

P/S: Try guessing which songs all the hashtags.