Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kita Berbeda

So tonight (22/4/13), my dinner is different. Not like usual. Not eating alone at home or eating at my outlet.

I hanged out with my school friends. 

I thought it'll be three of us, (we three actually were in a group of empat sekawan back then in class during form 2 so it'll be nice for a 'reunion' sometimes) but then aminz invited another friend. And this friend, he is the younger brother of quite a famous person in Malaysia. He's like the opposite of me in many ways. Very extroverted, outgoing, friendly, talkative, and very creative also. Mostly, he did all the talking as I'm a man of few words (I'm INTP kay). Let's just call him D.

I'm not really buddy buddy with him back then (though we kinda have crush on same girl). But as I said, he's extroverted, there were moments I was together with him sometimes, when I stayed in the same dorm with him. Though we can never really mix that well.

Oh get to the point. We talked and talked (actually just D talked and we replied bits and tids). Stuffs happened at school, from bullying juniors, get bullied by seniors, our sensei and wardens, to hot girls. Usually I'll get tired of people talking too much by showing a dull face but I seem to bear with him tonight. Well, he revealed stuff about him I never know in school before.

Anyway, two of us are going to get married this year. Some people may consider that as a one step towards success in life. But me? Getting married is out of the picture in my short term target in life. So stop asking me when am I going to get married.

They had also been flying overseas, which is awesome. I'll do that someday some time.

I was known in school as someone who's excel in academics, while he's in leadership. 8 years later, how are we? Do I excel?

I could, but one wrong step ruined it all. Roads untraveled.

They seem like they know what are they doing. And I'm still trying to find puzzle pieces. That's why you have to do something you like. I like my current job so far, but of course I wish for better.

Just believe in yourself and Allah's plans for us.

Oh yeah, I enjoy hanging out with them. That's how introverted is. They don't necessarily going out everyday, but they enjoy it every once in a while. The Ayam Penyet was nice too! Pece Lele~~~