Thursday, May 2, 2013

chanz's review: Black Mirror

Have you ever watched a show that made you curious, wanted to see more of the plot, your mind is asking what, why, and how. You must have. That kind of show usually will give a remark on our memory for last.

Lately, there are just too many formulaic series, that you feel so hard to even finish one episode of it.

I would like to introduce you a very good series, Black Mirror.

It's a miniseries by Channel 4, a British television broadcast. Each season only has three episodes. And each episode has its own story to tell. Unrelated to each other.

Basically, the story focuses on the technology we have today, in the future or perhaps in another world and how would the technology affecting us.

Spoiler ahead

The story can be satirical sometimes, dealing with public humiliation. The first episode, The National Anthem, for example, a prime minister has to commit an intercourse with a pig which to be broadcast on every national TV to save their deary princess; which a video of her kidnapping already been circulated on the youtube. Ever wish your corrupted political figures to be punished for their crimes? For some people, this would be a justified act for them. But is that indecent act really meant to be seen by all?

Love it, and love the background music.

While episode 2, 15 Million Merits, is set in another alternate world, I assume, with people living there just cycling each day to provide energy for their world to function. They get merits for doing that which can be used to buy food, change their avatars, and watch a show. And to escape from this life is to enter a Hotshot show, something similar to reality tv show we have nowadays with the jury, judges and audience. I like this episode mainly due to Abi & Bing hopeless romance.

soundtrack by Stephen McKeon 

And in episode 3, the Entire History of You would be something me and you perhaps once have already thought of to have this kind of technology. Would you like to be able to re-watch all your memories without having to get your hands on camera or videocam? But then how would it affect our daily lives and the consequences of it?

Apparently, our Tony Stark was interested with the premise of this story and decided to make a movie out of it.

Seriously, this series is worth your time. Highly recommended.

Off to watch season 2. :)