Sunday, May 12, 2013

chanz's review: Star Trek Into The Darkness

Love it.

As a fan of Gundam, this show also rocks!

Star Wars. Star Trek.

In my friends' circle, most only know Star Wars. I also don't know much. I'm not following its series at all.

Well, Star Wars is indeed popular. With the laser sword lightsaber, and their eccentric characters like Yoda. "May The Force Be With You." And their twisting plot. Son vs Father.

But Star Trek has its own peculiar character. Like Spock.

I guess to compare Star Wars with Star Trek is like comparing Gundam with Macross.

Both are very good nevertheless.

I did think back then to pursue study in aerospace because of this fictitious world which is so distant to be happening in real world. I guess those Aero pricks taking the course maybe because of this. hahaa

Kinda sad aero engin not really has 'space' in our country to grow. Ahh out of topic. Me and friend suddenly talked about it after watching.

Anyway, what I like in Star Trek:
- their friendship. Spock & Kirk.
- super cruel villain: Khan
- spaceship, stars, those unexplored mysterious territories..
- JJ Abrams production.

Suddenly watching this movie remind me of Muse new song - Explorer~

Nice. Go watch it people.