Monday, October 20, 2008

House MD 502 Not a Cancer

the episode starts with 4 people that suddenly got fainted.and then we being told that it's because they are all received an organ transplant fom the same donor. and only one patient (a mathematic female teacher) still alive who had a corneal transplant. now House hire a private investigator (PI) named Lucas Douglas with real intention to spy on Wilson, instead helping them investigate about the patients.eventhough it's more effective, but it is costly.and he keeps saying that the patient got cancer.everyone thought it's because he wanna meet Wilson with that reason.

until he found out that her brain, but not brain. (huh?). because the cancer stem cell landing on the recipients organ. for this patient case, it lands on the brain and act like a brain..but it's not really a's the interesting part..he asks the PI to swap the patient's meds so that they can cut off her upper head and search for the "not brain" part..
and i dont quite understand what is the meaning of the last scene of this episode..where house make a call saying "is there any way i could put you on retainer?"huhu...

Dr. O'shea - just someone he thought can pay him for lunch.
and yeah. they are actually in ice cream truck.
P/S: it seems that House spent a lot of time with this PI...