Friday, October 31, 2008

the "DON'T" want to..

I don't want to take Dietetics course...
yeah, for sure. I took this course just because of this saying of my father, "take a food related course!! Engineering?! not advisable..see, many friends of mine took engineering - either they change their career because too tired, or they fail during study period..and plus food industry is always progressing..more people will consume many variety of food, and want advise of it..blah2..I'm afraid you do not get job if you take engineering...lot of engin graduates out there are unemployed..n more n more reason..." (kinda weird when I try to translate what he said..XP)

but hey, I like Math & Languages. I mean, it's my field. I love to solve the problems of math, using the formula and apply them..they are structured to be like that. I mean, they are something know, uh..they are fun!! It's like they have principles. To solve them, you need to think, remember the formula and know well how to use them. yeah. They are also challenging. Some are really hard questions. You need to think hard. Until then if you manage to solve it, you will feel like - Yattaaa!! Hurray!

and languages are also fun. you need to learn the grammar. how they will be applied in the sentence. the pronunciation..the principles..I really want to learn Japanese language for now.. and the other thing about them is..they are easy to learn!! XD. I don't know why others find it hard to learn them and they perform bad in exam for these subjects..

compare know - Biology thingy. you need to read. yeah. Read a lot. Understand the process, know the facts..blah2. I dunno why. It's not that I hate to read. I love to read. I know by reading we get knowledge. But, not this. Need to read something that is well planned. Something that is in the book. I choose to read freely. Read without worrying "should i finish this one by today?". just read whatever I want. XD. And I dont know about others, I always think by reading you are not using much of your brain. You just memorize. You got the knowledge. You keep it in your mind. And maybe, you will apply them in your life. You just read. You are doing nothing but read. The only challenge there is to understand WTH is that? WTF is this word? Furthermore in exam, you just need to write back whatever you have memorized..So, if you do not read them, you cant answer. hence, where is the challenge? You just need to read's nothing. i repeat, NOTHING!

Usually, I get tired by just reading the lecture note....uahhh. sleepy. But sometimes if I found a new, fun knowledge, I enjoy.

That's why I don't really fit here. I mean, here. USM KK. I don't fit with people here. Compare to when I was in matrix, it's fun to know a lot of people like me~~ Here, they are just.....

But still...I am here. Two years in Dietetics. adapting..hahahahahaha

I don't want to be exco, hicom, blah2..the so called "pangkat"..
there this thing we call "responsibility". or "amanah". when you got to take this post - exco2..blah2, you always need to think about responsibility. how well you do the job, the intergrity, how serious you take it, and so on. not sure about that. I mean, when there is something wrong, people will normally blame us (people in charge), BUT, rarely they praise us for our efforts. yeah. people are ungrateful. always.

the other thing I don't like when being this exco2 is I need to deal with people. You know...people. Human. Ningen. Manusia. Insan. They are stupid, fragile, ungrateful, selfish, corrupt, emotional and blah2..(OMG, I am human too). From my experience being a teacher in primary school - not fun. heck. The point is I hate to deal with people. Need to meet these, HEP (huh...), and that.. really tiring. Sorry to say, maybe I dislike people. Maybe.... (what a stupid statement...) Eventhough some are really good, fun and best for company.

but still... I take part in many activities...try to adapt to these environment..and try to be honest in doing job..and try to build intergrity..I dont know what kind of person will I become in the future..

I don't want to be around these kind of people.., I wish I live with some fun and interesting people...but yet..they are boring~~and I wish the people around me influence me to do good. to be good. well, "bersahabatlah dengan penjual minyak..." so then we get the benefits of it.. maybe I should just live for myself.. hitori wa...

I don't want to take for examination..
I...wish I don't need to answer the exam...but you know, it's the only way to test our knowledge..well, just answer them.."pasrah'

i don't want to write this topic..
eh, really? so what's the mumbling is about? haha..

Although I do not want to do this and that, seems like I am forced to.. I am still trying. Trying to do my best. In everything. Try to have intergrity. Try to be honest. Try to fulfill others' expectation. Yeah. Just Try!!! Try to search for the uncertainty~~

P/S: Ape ko ngarut da... emo punya budak