Monday, October 20, 2008

House MD 503 Adverse Events

Oh man, it's so big!! Bezoar?

an art male artist submitted as patient after his skill of drawing become worse but he did not realize that. and this is because he have been in three drugs trial..testing the new unapproved drugs. until House found out it was antacid that give him problems. antacid that form a bezoar in the stomach. (like a hairball,made up of undigsted food, get it when stomach acid low, fruit & veg fibers & skins get stick together & form a ball.gets sticky, ferments & grows. starts sucking up some of the pills taken.some inactive but some got released to the body.)

i'm not okayyy!! baby, dont you know that?

and House keeps telling his crew about their own dark secrets..and Taub seems unhappy for that. becoz he wants to keep a good relationship with his wife. no doubtness for her. until he learn something from the patient's relationship with his wife...and it seems that there is something wrong with Taub...maybe he's unfaithful to his wife?

interesting part, House asks Douglas to spy on Cuddy, to find out about her embarassing secret. but Douglas actually into Cuddy~~~he thinks Cuddy is hot.

everyone like roses la...pity Cuddy~~she falls for him lawl.

P/S: this Douglas PI guy is trying to flirt with Cuddy~~XD