Tuesday, October 21, 2008

House MD 504 Birthmarks

Haha...i knew it!! i knew they wont fight for so long~~~but it's really nice. House & Wilson friendship. it's a real fun.

and talking about dad. yeah dad. it reminds me. which somehow i am also do not like my dad..yeah...not like in some ways. and i always think u could not get to choose who your parents are. and here stated by Wilson...and actually your friends and also family~~ you just need to live with it...

one thing i like in this episode is, of course - the story of House & Wilson. how they met and bla2..House always acts like a kid, while Wilson is there protecting & enabling him..XD

and this new patient is also cool~~three pins in your head huh?! that one is cool..

P/S: will post pictures later......