Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nothing Will Happen!!

Just now I answered the golf theory test. It only took me 10 minutes 49 seconds, though. Actually I want to make it to 11 minutes! Never mind that... lol.

Btw, take a look at this funny chain mail/message:

This is AMAZING! Foward this message on to 5 people and within 3 minutes NOTHING will happen!!!! I tried it TWICE and it worked BOTH times, absolutely nothing happened!!! THIS REALLY WORKS!! Pass this on, more people need to know.


I lol hard at this message. I mean, it's like a sarcastic message directed to those people who love spamming at comment or email. Such message that asking people to forward it then something good will happen to them. lolwutz?

P/S: Back when I was a fourteen years old adolescent, I almost believe this shit. That time I was a naive boy. And yes, I'm still new to internet that time. Hahak.

12:20pm, 03/03/10