Thursday, November 11, 2010

Defining FRIENDS

Recently, I've been watching anime RAINBOW & jdrama ROOKIES. Rainbow is about the survival of six young adolescents during post war (after atomic bomb) after being released/escaped from correctional institute which is one hell of a place. While ROOKIES is about some high school delinquents who had lose hope in playing baseball, being motivated back by their teacher to embrace their dreams - going for Koshien. Both story are very emotional, motivational and friendshiply themed.

Here is the question. How far would you (or your friends) go for your friends' (your) sake?


In RAINBOW, viewer could see that the bond of friendship among these six people are very strong. For example, Joe, one of the character whose dream is to be a singer, suddenly trying to cut ties with his friends due to certain circumstances. This sudden change has let his closest friend, Suppon down. Despite of his action, his friends still support him because they understand that being a singer is to have a positive public image. They do not want public to know that Joe has been in correctional institute before, and thus Joe isolates himself from them. And one day, Joe got into trouble where his previous band he worked for envy his success to perform in concert, and trying to get rid of him (kill of course). Here, their wonderful friendship is proven. Those friends which he isolated from coming into rescue!

There are many other episodes showing this kind of "I'm gonna help you no matter what!!" story.

Typical, no? Still, I love this kind of story. That's why I love One Piece so much. One Piece is an adventure manga which also focusing on friendship.

For ROOKIES, I'm still at episode 05. A long way to go before I can conclude anything. The theme song Kiseki by GReeeeN is really wonderful by the way, both the song & lyrics. And also the PV. Go listen to it.

This type of story focusing on friendship has made me into thinking. Do I have that kind of friends who would do anything or go such lengths for my sake? I'm not asking much, but I'm grateful to at least if I could get any help from my friends when I'm in any trouble. Well, maybe I need to be helpful first. Isn't showing kindness to others will made people to be nice to you back? :)

P/S: Thanks to those wishing me for my birth anniversary through sms, fesbuk & twitter. This time I didn't make my birthday visible on the fesbuk. It's a test..hehe~ (no IJK, I just want to be mystery).

Hmm actually I want to talk about my cyber frenz too, maybe next time~ x3

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