Tuesday, February 28, 2012


It's been a long time since I run.. 

I used to jog back then when I was in USM Kubang Kerian. It was like a self accomplishment. I often  tried to exceed my limit. Put a target. The most frequent I ever done was twice a week. Wait, maybe thrice? Sometimes I get lazy; once per month or worse; ZERO per month. (blame darkartz for this)

However..somehow I got the opportunity to stay for a while at USM Transkrian. My colleagues also fond of this activity. Plus, I want to try the new apps (runstar) I installed last month (optimizing my last days in PPUM by using their line..:P)

After many months of mandom, living a sedentary lifestyle....

I managed to make myself running again yesterday morning after Subuh prayer..I think for about 15 min. Not sure. Didn't record it. And today.. I used that runstar apps (free version of course). After many months of relaxing, here is the result..

For an average person like me, not bad right?

Nice apps is nice. I started to like Android more and more. hehe.


Pics: From GReeeeN's PV, Sorashido. About four kids running from a temple, riding a car, suddenly reaching a rugby's field, and finally to a beach, just for the sake of chasing a shoe. Funny, yet energetic.

P/S: Esok SMK...yang mana kelas semua murid adalah Chinese. Harap okay laaaa