Tuesday, August 21, 2012

chanz's review: The Expendables 2

Last night went to watch midnight movie, The Expendables 2.

I got nothing much to say about this film, just that all of the people in there are fukken too strong! It's like nobody will ever beat them. Thus, less interesting.

Probably, the only thing that's keeping people to want to watch this is that they have the all-legendary actors. Again. The Expendables 1 was good, perhaps because it was the first time they combined these actors in one action movie. When it's the second time, it won't be relevant anymore.

Jet Li's action time was very short. Is it 3 min? Or less?

The chick in this movie was not that attractive.

Pretty easy plot.

Every time the team's in a pinch, there will always someone coming to the rescue.

They used rifle too much.

To say the least, Gunner the only character which saved the movie from being boring all the way.

The only thing I liked here was seeing Sylvester Stallone using dual pistols. Don't know why, but of all guns in the world, dual pistols user seem more awesome and cool.

I suggest you wouldn't want to waste your money watching this movie. Da.

Off to play Call of Duty.