Monday, November 18, 2013

kisah maraton 10k @ Penang Bridge

this is supposed to be my first marathon. i registered for this on April while i was working at Queensbay Mall. that's why i went for 10k only.

then i got a job at UiTM..


fyi, this year the number of participants increased to 45k. Last year it was 30k something. hoho..

anyway, my marathon started at 6.30am.

my other friends went for 21k (half marathon) and 42k (full marathon). so i'm on my own this time.

not a great experience 'marathoning' this time. i already went for number two before Subuh prayer. don't know why but my GI system decided to give me a pain in the ass stomach this time. perhaps while riding the scooter, in the early morning of 6 am, it was so cold that i felt that i needed to go again.

so i got a stomach ache before marathon.

you know, when your adrenaline was building up, you forgot. forgot about that 'need'. so i hold it.

oh so gone, my mood to run. when the whistle blowing (eh was it a gunshot?), i walked instead. for 1km.

then i ran, not following my pace. which is bad for a marathon.

get tired easily.

this time of marathon..i think i ran a lot, instead of jogging. then i walked.

what i didn't like in participating in 10k, was that...there are too many people!!


and they didn't even bother to run.

so i had to run past so many people. very tricky doing that. there's not many space for you to slip between people.

running while listening to Attack on Titan OST again. when the playlist playing the track, The Reluctant Heroes...suddenly I had the energy to accelerate. lulz and also when other fast beat tracks being played like "call your name".. when it's "Bauklotze", or eye-water...i walked.

anyhow, for an amateur like me, i finished 10k at 1:23.. i knew i could have done better.

also in 10k, i didn't see any weird people. any cosplayers. none.

though they did come.

like this super sentai guy.

some pics..

the day before marathon

after...with medal

but to compare with Putrajaya BSN.. this one was much more happening.

there were many booths, with the lucky draw - Honda City!

and i got a free smartphone pouch bag, which people use while running. awesome! the challenge was we're required to do a sit-up 15 times. that's easy. :p

bought a pasta sauce some more, to give to my sisters.

oh...and on that same day, i went for a survey. to buy cars. tried test-drive Vios and Elantra...

Elantra was much much more better.

well, if you're willing to pay 1k each month...and there's insurance each year..ahha.

next month trip?

i signed up for a Putrajaya Petzl Night Trail Run....ahha..

this one we're going to have to explore the jungle! new experience of course. :D