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chanz's 2010 Top 30 Music Best Part II

These two categories are not so updated. I mean, most songs were not produced in the year 2010. It's because I got to know the bands just recently and become addicted to it. Well, this is my music history in 2010 right?

So let's continue this chart~


16) The Ting Tings - Great DJ
A British indie pop duo band. Duo means they consists of two people. First I learnt of this band was when watching jdrama Sunao ni Narenakute. The insert song in the scenes is so catchy. I thought it was Avril Lavigne. Never know of this band before.
Trivia: This band actually is popular in Japan, and, if Ting Tings is pronounced in Japanese - chinchin (ちんちん). It may mean "small, cute penis"! gaga

17) We Are The Fallen - Bury Me Alive
I already reviewed this band in this post. We Are The Fallen (WAtF) is the Evanescence (Ev) of the Fallen album. If you guys follow Evanescence, you know that after their Fallen album, Ben Moody co-founder of Evanescence left the group. While in 2009, all of other band members of Evanescence also has followed Ben Moody leaving Evanescence and made this new band. Of the album Tear The World Down, this song is the best.

18) Ben Moody - Wishing Well
Yup right. Ben Moody again. fyi, Ben Moody has made his own album called All For This. This solo album however did not fulfill my expectation. It has no resemblance with Ev or WAtF at all. I might say this is kind of rock kapak English style. Well, almost all songs in this album are so emo! Still, I like it. Slow rock huh.. Wishing Well fortunately not so emo, and the "aaa" part is the best.

19) Daughtry - Open Up Your Eyes
Everyone knows Daughtry, this awesome bald guy. Open Up Your Eyes, track no. 06 of Leave this Town album stays in this chart. This song is also composed by Ben Moody! ahak

20) Within Temptation - Forgiven
This band has also been reviewed. Forgiven managed to be included in this chart because..I don't know, maybe this song kind of sad. And I sort of get the feeling when listening to & singing this song.

21) System of a Down - Soldier Side
I've known this band since 2005 but I never like them. Until now 2010. Well, in 2005/06 I'm more into nasyid. System is an alternative metal band. People who cannot accept nonsense lyrics and hard metal songs may not be able to tolerate with System. But not all of their songs like that. Soldier Side for example, focusing on the war, what the soldier and his family really feel about the war. Sad.

22) Muse - Glorious
Everyone knows Muse as well. This B-side of Invincible single is best played in the exam week. Guess what? I got my spirit to study from this song while in exam week. Yeahh we are going to be glorious!!!

23) Linkin Park - Burning in the Skies
LP is back with new album - A Thousand Suns!! This album is my album of the year. I have lost interest in LP since its worst album - Minutes to Midnight. However, this one is very refreshing. Its music is very different than other bands. It is legendary!

24) Avenged Sevenfold - A Little Piece of Heaven
My friend recommend to listen to this band. I've known this band since matriculation as well. But never interested to listen to it. This song is very long. 8 minutes! And it is about a murder. Quite funny for me. I mean, this guy kills his girlfriend, and then his gf kind or risen back from dead and get revenge. At the end, they both get married in the afterlife. lulz?



25) YUI - Please Stay With Me
YUI~~ <3 I got nothing to say about this track. Just go listen to it!!!! :DD
btw, this song is the insert song for jdrama Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku starring Matsumoto Jun & Takeuchi Yuko.

26) Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Solanin
This song is the theme song for the jmovie, Solanin. They say this movie is kind of tearjerking. Dunno. Still not watch it. The song is by the way so...Asian Kung-Fu Generation! Superb~

27) BAReeeeeeeeeeN - Ashiato
Doko made mo tsuzuki michi ashiato mo toshite toki ni tsurate~ If you are a jpop lover, you must listen to this as well!! Ashiato means footprint. It is so moivational. How many footprints have we left in this world? And does it give any meaning to us and people around?

28) GReeeeN - Kiseki
Kiseki is "miracle", also means "tracks" in the lyrics. Theme song for jdrama ROOKIES. The song was also given the certificate for the "best selling download single in Japan" by the Guinness World Records on June 29, 2009. wow~ The song & the PV is very sweet I might say. It's about the growing feeling of love between two people.

29) Eiko Shimamiya - Naraku no Hana
Opening theme for the anime Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai. Recently I watched this anime. You are not flowers of hell, Rika-chan!

30) coldrain - We're not alone
Opening theme for the anime Rainbows. It's not in Japanese, it's in English. Although the band is Japanese. Where would you find band like that in Japan?


There are many bands introduced to me this year like - The Ting Tings, Avenged Sevenfold, Within Temptation, We Are The Fallen, Ben Moody, System of a Down, GReeeeN, BAReeeeeeeeeeN & coldrain. All of these bands (except coldrain, The Ting Tings & Avenged Sevenfold) I have listened to all of their albums and will follow their news & development~ Any new single or album.

This chart is based on my blog's post (lyrics), my chart, my status and my winamp library.

Part I of this chart is here.

So, that's all. Looking forward to 2011!!

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