Monday, December 13, 2010

Shio, Koshou~

Just a random update tonight. I've been listening to this album "Shio, Koshou" by GReeeeN, a Japanese band. Somehow I open winamp & google talk at the same time, and then I realize this.


Notice the pics? They are all of the same pic!! A chubby boy eating an ice cream smiling! :D

Didn't realize I've put my gt profile pic of this album's cover for very long. I thought it is interesting to put this pic in blog! haha

GReeeeN has become one of my favorite bands this year, after watching ROOKIES. I've known this band last year since it appeared on jdrama VOICE.


A lil bit of trivia about this band:

~ The number of 'e' refers to the number of members in the band - hide, navi, 92 & Soh

~ They never show their faces in public.

~ All four of them are dentists!

~ Their band logo showing the smiley teeth may refer to their works as dentists.

~ They love green color! I do too!

~ They had collaborated with Back-On forming BAReeeeeeeeeeN. They only made two songs unfortunately - Ashiato & colors. Still they're amazing song.

~ All of their PVs I've seen so far are very hilarious, meaningful and heart breaking. They got stories in them. Especially Haruka!

~ Their lyrics are also very inspiring, motivational and passionate! fyi, my header's blog's description up there is quoted from their song - BE FREE.

~ Their album's covers also nice. People smiling! Let's smile~~

P/S: Shiou, koshou is salt & pepper. So after this when you cook, use this term instead of 'garam' & 'lada'. Ahhak!!

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