Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I don't understand

Some things......... are meant to be unreasonable.

These are the lists of the things that I don't understand regarding people. People are unpredictable, so..... read it.

1) I don't understand why would people believe in "hantu" "khurafat" "benda tahyul" than the logics.

"Woii dia muntah darah!"
"Kena santau ler tu.."


It's not that I do not believe these things do exist, just....hey, come on la! Which century are you in now?

2) I don't understand these "sesetengah" bloggers who put so much widgets, auto-play music which made their blog becomes heavy as well as causing widgeo popup. How is that for visitor friendly?

3) I don't understand these "sesetengah" people who upload their stupid/freakish/weird posing picture in the internet. Dear homo sapiens, know this word called 'privacy'? Oh I get it, you think that pic of yours is cute? Fine~

4) I don't understand why would you waste your time reading this emo entry. Haha!
Why don't you go reading other valuable and knowledgeable stuff?

5) Uhh. More list to come next....Perhaps. I don't understand why would I post this, too. lmao

P/S: This is my way of telling you that I'm pissed off with these kind of people. No offense to those who got butthurt. I did not mean you! No, really!! Daaah.

You are welcome.
12:04 am, 14/12/10