Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fourteen Years Old

If time travel ever possible, I want to go back to the fourteen years old me.


During that age, I've done many stupid things. Very very immature. I've started doing many bad things when I was a 14 years old teenage boy. Things I regret. Things that have been causing problems until now. Things that I am not supposed to do.

I wish I didn't do those things. I wish I would correct them.



#adindaevans might be stupid. Maybe because she is a fourteen years old teenage girl. Or maybe she is just plain dumb, brainless. Or maybe because of the so-so urban lifestyle. Whatever it is, she needs to stop.

I don't really care what will happen to her, though.

One good thing is she had made me reflecting about my life. About our society. Nobody's perfect. So stop condemning her. What you should do is help her. Guide her. If you care.. I don't care, so I don't want to get involve. That is all..