Wednesday, August 10, 2011

kisah camping

So..I went for camping last two weeks. Here just pieces of the story about the camping, from my perspective, observation and experience there. Actually, this is just like a journal report. Diary. Whatever it is.

Date: 26-27.7.11
Venue: Pantai Kerachut, Taman Negara Pulau Pinang
Activity: Jungle trekking, camping, bbqing, mandi pantai, tuju kasut, photoshoot, sesi luahan hati, fishing

(tengok aktiviti2 nya pun dah terkesima?)

Malas nak cakap banyak ar. Tengok video ar. Kalau internet laju sila la. haha Thanks to mr aminz kerana rajin mengedit. Sila ketawa apabila melihat video ini.

Tapi aku masih nak cakap banyak. Serius banyak cakap ni. Toksah baca.

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Morning. 11.00am. 26.7.11
All seven of us gathered at Zam's house, there I met new friend which actually Zam's friend from UPM, named Fitri. Again, Zam as the Unser driver. Off we go!

11.30 am~
Went through the Jambatan's PLUS toll and we got....a .mouthrinse for each one of us from Colgate!! Free! Arigatou ne, korugeto-san.

12.50 pm~
Finally arrived at the destination - Taman Negara Pulau Pinang. So we went to the counter to register our name and activity which....camping at Pantai Kerachut! I saw many white people, mostly they came here as couple. And there at the road, a group of people marching (kawad! ijk lol), the counter receptionist said they were from UiTM Jengka. Wow so far huh.

Anyway..we started walking and jungle trekking.

1.55 pm~
We rested for a while. To be honest, it was because of me. Hua3. I can't sleep the two days before, so..I was very tired. And living as a NEET, a hikikomori life, I have left jogging and taekwondo activity (which I often did in USMKK). My stamina...probably degraded from 100 to 001. omg! Seriously, I felt so restless, fatigue, and it's like I was going to faint... We had done this jungle trekking twice, which in both I never had any problems. But this time...zzzz

Anyway, while resting a riddle game came out.
"Apa luar kuning dalam hitam?"
Someone said...

The answer is my Liverpool's jersey, isn't it guys? 

2.45 pm~
Finally, we arrived at the camping site. Good thing nobody else was around. Cool.

Upon arriving, two dogs were seen at the camping site. When they saw us came, they went away.

Anyway, take a look at this sign.

Saru desu ka...Dou ka na.. 

Only problems probably the monkeys may steal our food.

3.15 pm~
After we rested for a bit, we started building our camp. This is the time we need teamworks!

5.15 pm~

They all went and jumped into the beach. While me... I have acquired light hypersensitivity during my third year of university life. So..I couldn't take the sun. You know, when you're the only one left behind you may look weird. So they called me to join them. It's not that I didn't want to. Still, in the end, I went in.


Later, we did a photoshoot. For the sake of do not want to lose the opportunity being at the beautiful beach with the marvelous sunset, here we were, wearing baju melayu and took photos. haha! crazy people

Night parade~ Yoru!
Of course we human need to eat. Taberu! So we made a BBQ. Our menu that night, BBQ chicken, sausage, and maggi! Umaii~ After finished eating, suddenly the floodlights (or is it a lamp post?) went out. Here we were in BLACKOUT. (Oh I felt like singing AKFG & MUSE's song). So we were devastated. What happened??

Losing all hope. Cannot see what's in front. In the darkness. Kurayami. And we committed seppuku! lmao

If I were alone, I might have been scared. Thanks to my courageous friends, we went looking for the rangers, and found out it was their rules as a way to save petrol, they shut off electricity at 10pm. Why would they use petrol for electricity?? Weird. Use Pikachu laa!! :3

Fortunately, we have all finished eating. Only left was performing Isya' prayer. We went back to camp....and I felt like I was being watched!!

Who? Dare desu ka?

It was the keen eyes of the dogs that I've said just now. In the dark, you could see very well their eyes watching you...hoho..They looked suspicious at first, but my instinct told me they only there to guard the place, will not mess with our camps. Hope so.

1.00 am~
Weird. I should have felt tired and sleepy. But I was not. We went to the jetty, some went fishing there, while most of us just lepaking. Sharing some stories we never told anyone. Be it was about girlfriends, politics, bla bla~ hua3 I guess it was true what Benji Madden of Good Charlotte said in their song, "Secrets":
In the dark, in the darkness you will find the dirty little secrets we all hide
You know, when you are at a beach at 1 am, you just...the ideas, stories just came to your mind out of nowhere. And you felt like you wanted to let it all go! That's why artists/composers always got ideas at night..

While lepaking sharing stories, we noticed a light from far away back at the beach, near the camp site. Who was it? I directed my torchlight at the light, and he showed his light to me back! Darn. I am light hypersensitive laa.

(Tirtouga from Pokemon Black/White)

Anyway, the person came nearer, without giving salam, he asked who are we and what are we doing. He said he was here to observe turtles! wow~  He was with his friends to observe turtles and they slept there at jetty, with cold windy night as their futon. I wonder..What if they fall from the jetty into the sea? What if they catch a cold? Human can do anything if they will it... (What are the best idiom for this? I am not good at idioms)

And that night... was the worst sleep I got. You know to get the best quality of sleep, you need to reach REM (rapid eyes movement). I think I never went to that level that night. I closed my eyes, but I still could feel my surroundings. Probably because, someone in the camp slept aggressively...Never mind that. This is what camping like! hoho

As a result, the next morning I was the first person to wake up. (it's like I was actually sleeping to use the word "wake up" lol)

7.45 am. Asa. 27.07.11
Subuh. Breakfast with sardine sandwich. Hot tea O. Went to the beach.

Seeing slippers at the beach, I got an idea. Why don't we play tuju kasut? haha. They agreed. We played for a while. Oh how I missed my childhood days when I was the hero in playing tuju kasut. (Mana taknya, among my cousins, I was the eldest..only by one year. And I am always good at aiming things. Hontou desu.)

This time I got no problem joining mandi-manda because the sun not so bright. It good~

Because aminz and I needed to go to KL that evening, we started packing early. Put away our camps etc etc...And yeah, it rained that morning.  Ame. Quite heavy as well.

Along the journey to go back, my bag decided to tear itself. Bahagian menggalas di bahu. Probably due to too much things I put in there. zzz

11.58 am~
Yokatta..buji katta na.

After getting a lunch, we went home. I reached at my house around 3 pm. Oh so tired. And...I needed to ride a bus at 6.30pm to go to Shah Alam for interview the next day. woahaha......


peace yo~

Fuh. So long I wrote this. In short, this camping, this experience, I have to admit it was one of the best moment of my life. I guess so. Thank you all my friends for inviting me even though at first I was in dilemma. Well, I need to attend a job interview the next day.