Saturday, August 27, 2011


Pernah tak apabila tengah isi borang keluar soalan ini.

"Nyatakan pemimpin tempatan/luar negara yang anda paling sanjungi/kagumi/idola."

Terkedu tergamam?

Tak tau nak tulis apa?

Typical youth probably don't have any leader in mind. It's the truth.

"Remaja muda zaman sekarang hanya tahu mengagungkan artis-artis, ahli sukan." 

- kata seorang pemikir masa depan negara.


Who am I going to judge them, I also adore some artist like YUI. At least she got good qualities (a lot) not like those artis tempatan yang ntah pape.

Back then, in matric I think (or was it in school?), there's this NGO came doing some programmes, activities. Basically it was about dakwah, Palestin etc etc. Mentarbiyah kami. hua3.

So they gave a form to fill in. And that question came out.

I saw everyone's putting Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as their answer which......common answer!


It's like Domino's Effect. Everyone is blurred what to fill in the form. When one sees another managed to fill in an answer, everyone's copying it.

"Weh hang tulis apa?"

Now when I think about that copying..I remembered. This was during school time.

My answer?

I've been reading Majalah i back then, there were articles about President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, all those nuclear ideology, the courage, against US blah bla bla, which I found very admiring.

So I put his name. Although I am aware he is a Shiite.

Now go read this article.

Isn't he amazing? :)

Not sure about that article's validity though. The article may not tell everything. One thing for sure, he is not your typical leader. Plus he is an engineer. Which..awesome. Engineer is awesome. Dietitian is not.