Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My generation

"I got sick of expecting things and I got lonely. But I had no intention of giving up!" - YUI, from her song, My generation. 

It was long ago since she released this song. But only now I think the song is good. Probably because the jdrama Seito Shokun! that I've watched right now. Seito Shokun! is a school drama, the plot kind of cliche, well at first I thought so and want to drop it; it was just like other school jdrama. I've watched Gokusen, GTO, ROOKIES. They are of the same plot, some delinquents/students in the class who distrust the adults. They got new teacher coming to class, and against it. In the end the teacher changes their perception.

But, what makes this jdrama different is that the students are from junior high school - aged 14 years old. They are all look innocent and so cute! hua3. It was good to see Japanese children in their 14-15s. Though I know some of the actors may age younger/older.

What made me keep watching this jdrama probably because of YUI's My generation, the innocent and cute appearance of 14 years old and the glimpse of the next episode at the end. hahak

this small boy reminds me of my form 2 classmate

As usual, jdrama always got their moral and lessons. Some of the actors you would probably know in this jdrama are Horikita Maki, Shirota Yu and Hongo Kanata (pic below).

 this emo kid needs a punch to the head

And now I know the reasons why My generation's PV focusing on school. If you are a fan of YUI, you should watch this!! xD

Thanks to dindiet for providing me this jdrama. Even though the quality is not very satisfying.