Saturday, December 17, 2011

Driving to work

Wake up at 4.30am, driving to workkkk~ Lalalalaaaa~

Yeah right, like I really love my job. I think I can't do this shift working hours anymore...My sleep time is messed up.

You don't like your job when you think twice, no, thrice or MANY TIMES when you want to go to work.

BUT, I still need to go to work. I have to be strong!

So I need something to boost my spirit! Music!

These are my playlist of driving to work.

The playlist starts with my Galaxy Mini ringtone at the moment -

1. Ancient Voices [Main Title Theme of Survivor] by Russ Landau

2. Everybody Hurts by Avril Lavigne

3. Hold On
by Good Charlotte

4. Never Turn Back
by Ben Moody

5. Jumper
by Third Eye Blind

6. Trouble Is A Friend
by Lenka

7. Invincible
by Muse

8. Believe
by Yellowcard

9. Pale
by Within Temptation

10. Move Along
by The All-American Rejects

11. I Will Not Bow
by Breaking Benjamin

12. Bring Me To Life
by Evanescence

13. Bulletproof Heart
by My Chemical Romance

14. Iridescent
by Linkin Park

15. It's Not Over by Daughtry

16. I Will Stay
by We Are The Fallen

17. Don't Let Go
by The Rasmus

18. Come Clarity
by In Flames

19. Someday
by Flipside

All tracks contain motivational lyrics about life.

Track no. 8 and 9 gave impact to me, made me always optimistic about my day. :)

And I'm addicted to Bulletproof Heart.

P/S: Try google "malay mail and ummc" and read the story...hoho. Challenges...