Saturday, October 13, 2012

chanz's library: August-September 2012

Run out of ideas to post in the blog. Steal dindiet's blogging style. This kind of entry could be about my music, my books, manga, novel, or anime or anything in my 'library' (iTunes/ Hurm..I think mostly would be about music.

So last August-September till now I've been listening to these songs..A lot.

1) Du'a - Lagu Untuk Ummi
This is number one right now. The first time listening to this (months ago), didn't give an impact. It takes months for me to like it. It is quite catchy. It is arranged very well. Can be heard many times on recently.

2) Muse - Explorers
From The 2nd Law, aside from Madness and Animals, I think I've fallen in love with this. It got the combination of Invincible + Guiding Light. free me, free me from this world~

3) Malique ft Black - Teman Pengganti
Probably, the lyrics is responsible in capturing my interest. Malique, he's really a good composer.
dalam disleksia cuba kekal dalam konteks?

4) Annabel - Anamnesis
From horror thriller anime, Another. I really like this kind of song to be used in anime. Slow, sad, monotonous songs. Never get me bored. Another one never get me bored is Kaori Oda - Calling (Baccano!).

5) Band of Horses - The Funeral
Coming up only to hold you under...
dejavu while watching How I Met Your Mother S8 premiere...this song has also been used in abc sci-fi that got cancelled, FlashForward.

6) Ariel (NOAH) - Dara
Ariel, got out from prison changing their band's name to NOAH. I really like this slow paced song~

7) YUI - fight
ganbare..ganbare.. :)

8) Firdaus - Ku Mohon
Another old song just captured my interest. I can feel the singer's feeling in this.
Berkatilah setiap semangat jiwa untuk selalu berjuang di jalanMu..
Gemerlap kilauan harta takhta dan cinta manusia.. (part 'takhta dan cinta' tu memang feel)

9) 6ixth Sense - Altar Cinta
This is a religious song okay..6ixth Sense never let people down.

10) The Rasmus - Sky
It's about someone who has committed bad sins/crimes and trying to redeem his mistakes. He just wants to see the sky.... sad song.

11) Linkin Park - Powerless
Abraham Lincoln The Vampire Hunter!

12) Simple Plan - This Song Saved My Life
Simple Plan's trademark song. Another Perfect/Welcome To My Life.

Almost all of the songs up there are slow, ballad, sad songs....ahha..

I've been reading this book as well..

the title is intriguing, isn't it? bought it because interested to know what the writer has to say about American Presidents. Their big daddy..