Friday, October 5, 2012

chanz's review: The 2nd Law

Feel like commenting this album. Although, got nothing much to say, really.

The album begins with an intro track, Supremacy. It's so Muse. Origin of Symmetry-feel. I like the lyrics.
Greatness dies, unsung and lost invisible to history

The second track is their second single of this album - Madness. My favorite so far. It's the only dubstep they did though. It's a love song, but to me it still couldn't beat Endlessly~ Love the "I need your love" part. Suitable for radios.

Panic Station changes everything about Muse, the old Muse is no more. It's the only song from Muse containing the f word. I don't really favor this song, at the moment.

Prelude is obvious, it's a prelude to Survival. The Olympics theme song, Survival is a motivational song. It'll boost your spirit somehow listening to this. The same with Glorious.

The sixth song, Follow Me, another motivational song, actually. Remind me of The Messenger of Linkin Park. I like the song.

Now we reach Animals. The best one in this album I believe! The lyrics deal with capitalism, human greed. Love this heavy themed song!
Franchise, Spread out, Kill the competition, And buy yourself an ocean

Explorers; another Guiding Light for you. It has their previous album's aura. It's good.

Oh another Queen in this album. Better than Panic Station for sure. Big Freeze is... okay. For now.

Nice try dude.
The tenth track.. Save Me. Guess what, this song is not sung by Matthew Bellamy. It's written and sung by their bassist with drinking issue, Chris Wolstenholme. It has ballad, and it may talk about his drinking problem. Save him!

Second song by Chris, I was like "say what??" listening to Liquid State. It's like listening to a totally different band. A bit of 30 Seconds To Mars and Nickelback. It's not a bad song, just out of Muse. Can't blame them for giving Chris opportunity.

what do you think this is? jellyfish? the one that Spongebob plays with? ahha! this is our brain neurons, from Human Connectome Project. Just awesome

The last two tracks are instrumental songs, with The 2nd Law: Unsustainable  having robotic/electronic feel, playing news feed talking about the second law of thermodynamics while The 2nd Law: Isolated System is good. Just better. Perfect for ending the album.

It's a good album despite that some people saying it's the worst Muse album.