Thursday, October 4, 2012



The 2nd Law. I own it~

I've pre-listen the album at (bad quality) before. Because I never own Muse albums, thus I decided to buy this one. Despite that it does sound less Muse. More Queen. And 30 Seconds to Mars.

For someone who just recently listening to this album, Animals quickly captures my interest. And Madness, well, it has already been released.

Bought it after my job interview. I went to all the music stores in Penang malls; Queensbay --> Sunway --> Jusco. Queensbay's Speedy got none. Laser got one but...the price looks suspicious. And also the back cover seems weird. Decided not to buy. Went to Sunway. Speedy again, nada.. Went to Jusco. Speedy for third time. I saw one. Only one!

I asked the retailer why only one, she said only two came today (or was it this week?). A Chinese guy had bought it and thus only one. lulz..

Another album I bought after a job interview....hahaha....this was last week. At Midvalley. I've been fighting the urge to buy this album each time visiting cd shops, (because already..well, you know internet) in the end, ahhh screw saving the money, I've bought all of their studio albums (except M2M) why not this one? ahha

let's me me me me me mad mad mad madness~