Saturday, November 17, 2012

it's been two weeks..

..that I've worked here, at GNC.

I chose to leave IKU for this.

There are several reasons I did this.

The main reason is because the IKU job is just a part time job. I'll end up jobless at the end of this year.

The other reasons can be considered trivial, but I need it.

Working at a retail shop, some people may perceive it as a unfit job for university graduates. Why would you do sales job after studying for four years in university? They say.

All of my colleagues here got degree, fyi. And all of the customers coming here are rich, educated and health aware. Plus, bunch of foreigners. You have to serve them well. If you take just anybody (those without tertiary education or SPM only lah) to work here, do you think they can handle them?

Some people also don't understand when I said I'm working during public holiday.

As my supervisor has said to me, "let them be. they don't understand what exactly our situation is."

The colleagues here all are nice as well.

And there's lots I learned and will be learning here.

I'm still waiting for a Japanese customer to come....before only Korean. And Filipino. ahha.