Friday, November 23, 2012

Okay, I'll change my perception about Korea..

I really like it when Korean customers coming to the store.

I can't help And laugh a lil bit. (after they left the store of course)

Some funny. And demn cute.

They always made my day.

The way they talk, I just....... why do they seem so enthusiastic to everything? The end of their sentence must always end with a surprised remark - with their -guk. The way they talk was enough to leave me in astonishment. Peculiar.

And we know that their English is not so good, contributing to the amusement and cuteness.

Yesterday, I have to go to other outlet, covering a staff going to a workshop in KL. This outlet actually surrounded by many foreigners living there, especially Korean. And also Japanese (but still no Japanese I met so far). Because the mall just had a renovation, the place is quite gloomy, there're not much stores, and no crowds. (compare to Queensbay). Hence, it was a quiet, slow day. Boring.

And then, a woman with her son coming into the store. At first I thought they were Chinese (because the woman wearing a sunglass). I was going to serve them, and my colleague said to me the mom don't know English, only her son (he looks like a 14 years old kid, but then I learned he was born in 1991) knew to talk. Apparently they are regular customers there.

Both of them kind of plump, a lil bit chubby but not that fat, BMI perhaps 25 or 26. (tudiaa dietitian boleh predict BMI orang). They both look alike. Then I heard they talked in Korean...and took a look at their eyes, their Korean eyes.

I thought, oh they are Korean. Not Chinese.

So for a GNC member, there's a password consists of six numbers that customer needs to enter before paying. As usual, customers will always have problem, saying they forgot the password. And.....these Korean...made me laugh (inside).

I asked them to try first, just key in passwords they may usually use. One time, wrong. The mom asked the son, in Korean. A conversation in Korean language thus happened between the two of them. It took them some time to finally enter another numbers.

I don't know what are they talking about, it seems that the son argued they are not using his birthday as password. BASUDEI, said the mom. Enter. Wrong again, madam.

Me, because I'm not favoring kpop/korea entertainment related so I don't really understand Korean language. (only know Kamsahamida) But seeing their face, their reaction while talking...the remark at end sentence...I literally put one hand on my mouth preventing the laugh.....

Thank you. You guys just made my boring day to be better.

I did watch some Korean drama, it didn't feel that funny listening to their talking in the drama. But when you met them, saw their faces in front of you, listening to their just feels, funny.

Still no Japanese customers.

on another note, not to be racist, but I dislike Arabic customers. Most coming here for fat burner, and yet they don't want to do exercise. If I was a dietitian (when will I be one?), they would be the worst patients ever....