Friday, November 30, 2012

chanz's review: Life of Pi

This is what I thought when I first saw the trailer, in the movie; Bait that I watched few months ago:

 "pretty nice graphics. and I assume it's about someone got lost at the sea, got friend with a tiger, arrived at unknown island (Survivor like, Robinson Crusoe)."

but, at the end of the trailer, the title of the movie appeared: Life of Pi

"ehhh...Pi? π? 3.14159..<insert infinite numbers here> ? is this a story of a mathematical symbol or what...? maybe it's the name of the tiger?? cuz, whose people name be a "Pi"?"

So many speculations I did just based on one trailer lulz. And I didn't even care to google about the movie, because it didn't interest me that much despite all the question marks.

Before I start, a synopsis from imdb:

A young man who survives a disaster at sea is hurtled into an epic journey of adventure and discovery. While cast away, he forms an unexpected connection with another survivor ... a fearsome Bengal tiger. -imdb

Yes, the movie starts with comical and humor. But it doesn't mean it's all about comedy. It should be about a person searching for the truth, God. Pi is so curious, this is evidently shown when he went from Hinduism, to Christianity and then Islam. He didn't really convert to any of those two religions though. It's clear from this regarding who Pi is, he is searching for something in his life. God.

However, in this movie, I believe it's focusing more on the fantastical adventure Pi had with the tiger at the sea. It's a good story but it should be wrapped in a way showing to audience that God really does exist. Cuz' I didn't see it was mentioned or shown at the end of the movie.

I really like this movie. It reminds me of One Piece, a lot. If One Piece ever get to be in live-action, it should be a bit like this movie. The amazing, magical, beautiful, dazzling of the unknowns of the sea. Especially the dazzling part.

 warning: spoilers ahead.

Anyway, I was quite annoyed in the movie hall. There's a little girl in front of me. She laughed when Pi used the firework gun (i don't know the proper name for the gun) to call for help. And when he was devastated after the ship's not coming, she still laughed!! argh, who would bring kids to watch this kind of show? Okay, I know perhaps because she liked the fireworks. But it ruined me. I'm trying to feel something here, girl!

And when people beside me, a guy, chuckled while Pi was telling the second story about how brutally the cook dealing with the sailor and his mother. Pi had tears falling down his cheeks telling the story and you think it's funny??? the heck.

I don't blame the guy though. It is what made this movie so good. Most people would think the first story is the real one. They would believe a story with tiger, carnivorous island with freaking too many meekrats and the rest of it. My friend would think so, aren't you, aminz? haha

It was portrayed so magically, and maybe because the movie never really mentioned or gave clue that he's not really with the animals, making people convinced that the story was real. Well, I believed it too. Until, the fresh raw fish eating part.

So, Pi caught a fish. After losing his food rations, and not eating for days, he was starved to death. And I was thinking, "how is he going to eat the fish? where's the fire to cook it?" And then...he ate it fresh!!! Like sashimi!! wow, pretty good hands he had, isn't he?

haha. You know, people would get bacterial infection if eating a raw fish that's not handled correctly. Only an expert chef can make a sashimi. So, where did Pi learn all that? From a survival book?

That was the part which getting me to think this is not the real story.

For the sake of arguments, I give you the reasons why the second story is the true one.
- You think you can tame a tiger so easily? Despite its name is Richard Parker...lulz.
- Even the Japanese didn't believe his story at first, it's too illogical.
- Actually, the movie did give a hint. It's when Pi "saw" the deepest part of the ocean and the image of his mother appeared. From the second story, it was told that his mother was with him and died in front of him, killed by the chef.
- Do you think people would tell a fake story and cried so much, and not even paused for a while thinking for a sentence to form because of trying to lie?
- Like the adult version of his has said, which story do you prefer? A gore one or an enthralling one? He knew people would prefer the latter, and thus.
- If you still didn't get the metaphors of the story, go read more.

Actually I do think there's a lil bit truth in the first story. When he told the writer how remorseful and regretful he was, couldn't say goodbye to people (I was assuming he was referring to the tiger at the time) he was showing so much emotions. Maybe he was referring to his family and the girl he met back then.

This is from someone who didn't read the novel.

9/10 from me. Go watch it people. GSC only RM12. And go listen to the song used in the trailer by Coldplay as well. :p

"Bananas don't float!!"  - a pretty convincing Japanese man argued.