Sunday, December 15, 2013

Big Bad Wolf 2013

This is my first time I'm attending this event which is being held in KL.

Last time that I went to this event was in Penang.


It was a long journey.


I drove from Subang to Seri Kembangan, navigating my way through my Garmin GPS. Thanks to the freaking so many sliproads in KL, I lost my ways, made a detour around Subang Jaya until I managed to exit to LDP. Ignoring GPS, I just followed the signboard saying, "Kajang/Putrajaya" because I knew it's somewhere near there.


Until I reached Serdang, then I followed GPS back. I drove to Serdang before, so I felt safe.

No traffic jam. There was, but minimal. Couldn't even being counted as one.

Parking outside. RM10, fee! shithead.
First time coming to The Mines, I lost my way again in the mall.

Finally went outside of the mall and followed other people way of walking, assuming they are all going to BBW as well.

My gosh, so big. Better than in Penang.

First section I went to was... "Manga" section. Disappointed. No seinen genre.

Went to Fiction. Looking for The Timekeeper. But there's none.

Each books that I browsed, I read one page of them. Then I took two of them that I found interesting.

Went to other sections.. oh heaven.

Until I forgot that I haven't eaten my lunch.

Forgot the time.

Forgot the people.

Just forgot.

Anyway..only for RM108, I bought all of these. Awesome right?

I can see how other people so enthusiastic, buying so much more.

 Let's look forward to next year event!

Hurm. I can make do of going alone. But...I wish you were there with me.