Sunday, December 29, 2013

flylikesanji #3 - kisah night trail run

my third and last run this year. hehe

Putrajaya Petzl Night Trail Run

but this time it's a trail run. what's a trail run? be with the nature la~~

have to climb, up and down the hill. have to cross the land of grass, stones and rocks... on slippy grounds.

this event is considered a small event. before, i joined huge events like BSNPNM, and Penang Bridge.

therefore, there is a slight issue i think, for the organizer to look upon.

we thought the event is going to start at 8.40pm.. so we hadn't change into our dry fit shirt. because the race packs were with my friend. guess what, while we're looking for a parking spot...people were already running!

because clearly in the poster, stated that participants will be off at 8.40pm. I think 8.20pm people had already started running..

Fortunately, there's no timing chip. Though we did feel a little bit left out. We're so in a hurry. We started our race in a improper pace. There's no other people, only three of us in the dead of night. Thank goodness, we were able to catch up with participants in front. Apa lagi...potong la semua orang. hehe

Tapi susah nak potong orang.. jalan kecil. Sempit.

Aku dah la tak training. Nak dekat habis, boleh nak cramp lak kaki. Dehydrated a bit.

Kasut pun berselut habis.

Cabaran pun banyak. Batu-batu. Banyak kali tersepak batu. Nak jatuh. Nasib baik aku punya telinga semicircular canals dan vestibule okay lagi. Boleh balance. haha

Anyway, trail run ni lagi best!

Layan nature. Layan bunyi cengkerik. Rasa aman. Seronok. Layan kegelapan.



cool another medal~

see ya next year!! 2014!