Saturday, February 22, 2014

backpack/marathon: prologue

agak-agak kamu la, aku ni orang yang macam mana?

aku suka duduk rumah ja.

bukan tak suka berjalan, mendokusai semua tu bagi aku.

i can have fun at home too.

i can be so addicted to games. and there are books to read. shows/anime to watch.

I, WAS, like that.

it's not that i forsaken those hobbies. i still do all of those. but moderately. especially video games.. it's the number one reason i chose to stay at home, back then. RPG. and i guess when you don't have much money, better you stay at home, save it. semua zaman student sek ren, men, uni. i was like that. guess what, that time in matriculation when my family went to cameron, i didn't even bother. gave excuse got exam. the truth was, actually i only wanted to finish my RPG!!! hahhaha

again, money plays an important role. when your pocket can only last you for days, how do you expect to travel..and the unknowing, the unfamiliarity, the mendokusai.

and maybe, because i've been in this course, health science, being a dietitian, that i've changed. if not, i won't see the need to be active. seeing how people around me, engineers, how sedentary they are. due to my nature which is; tend to be sedentary, to be honest, if i don't have the awareness, i may just end up like them.

anyway, today i'll be doing something i never have done before.

i signed up for a marathon at KL, well that time i was in Subang, didn't expect i need to go back to Penang.

so I can just go the easy way, taking bus to KL Sentral, take KTM to Serdang and stay at my friend's house. or conveniently, I can drive there. instead, i take the flight.

i never flew before.

and i never been there, LCCT or KLIA. i don't know about the transports. how to take buses. train.


i did this all on impulse. spontaneous. didn't think.

didn't even try to research how to reach my destinations.

only today i did all that.

so the plan is..

after arriving at LCCT, going to take shuttle bus (there are two; Airport Liner, KR Travel) to Nilai KTM. Then take KTM train to Serdang KTM. meet up with my friend, and go to bigbadwolf!

at first plan to take ERL to Putrajaya. seems I have to take shuttle bus to KLIA, then ERL, then bus to KTM...that's long.

only problem is....will I make it to, why are they operating until 9pm only this time..

according to AirAsia, I'll be arriving at 5.15 pm. let's see what happens later. hooho


my colleague said, "tak penat ka orang ni.. pagi maraton petang balik isnin dah kerja"

hahahaha~~ aku memang gila.

need to learn from traveling in Malaysia first before you go to other country!

then i can estimate my budget, time, and plan better next time.