Thursday, February 27, 2014

flylikesanji #4: 10K ICE Charity Run @ KL

my first marathon this year.

and i broke my record!

personal record... boleh laa~

average pace 6:38 min/km.... an improvement for me.

i didn't stop running this time, well maybe pause for a 100 plus. one station. just because my throat felt so....irritated. dry.

hari tu trail run aku cramp kaki masa nak dekat don't want it to happen again.

and my legs didn't injure this time!

really really has improved.

well running in KL, you can only see tall buildings everywhere..

i know now there's prince court medical center there.. (nota: the most prestigious private hospital in Malaysia, right..) oh perasan banner hospital tu ada minggu nutrisi apa ntah kat situ. and my friends said there's a palace..Terengganu's sultanate.

pagi-pagi kul 4 dah bertolak dari UPM...kul 6 dah terpacak!


dapat medal dan sijil. medal dia kira okay laaa for small event

marathon so fun! come join! :D