Sunday, February 2, 2014

dietitian #1

ramai student lepasan matrik, asasi atau diploma yang terserempak dengan blog aku sebenarnya.. sebab entri dietetik? aku tu.

tapi aku rasa sekarang semakin ramai student dietetik.. yang punya blog. dan suka menulis tanpa selindung apa. they can read the other blogs that talk more about it.


.. i would like to say pieces of this job here...because, for now (yeah for now only), i am a freaking dietitian. didn't plan to be, yet i am one.

i'll be writing about..

what i felt, problems i faced, what did i learn from it, and what good it gave me.

fyi, i'm working as a teaching dietitian. well, if you look around this blog, you know which institution i belong to. i graduated in'm not that experienced in this discipline. heck, again if you've been reading this blog, to start with i didn't even want to be a dietitian. i had been in deep..ugh what's the adjective again? it's not regret. misery? remorse? senang cakap, i hated my decision. choosing this course.

after graduating.. after being a hikikomori for a while..

and then worked in catering, in survey, in research, in sale..

finally i got this work as a teaching dietitian.

am i prepared?

if by saying "prepared" is to have all the knowledge and experience required..then i'm not. i may have done my attachment in hospital before this, for a month, but...preparation? to deal with students? with strangers? with people ranked above you? with arrogant people? perhaps, also no.

i met many dietitians during my attachment. from my observation..

i don't think they really have passion in their job. not all. there's one or two who seems so motivated. probably due to how patients, or people respect this job. how some people think high of us. how patients look forward to see us. how they are so keen to ask us for advise. we are, more or the same, like doctors.

you know how i roll for these past two years? i didn't think. at all. my decision was all based on "money, time relax."

when i worked at gnc though..i already felt comfortable with it. then...because i had to work OT, 6 days per week, and it's not convenient for me to do prayers..i left it. and i never look back. that decision had in turn caused some events in my life, important events. if i didn't leave that job, will i be able to meet you again? who knows.

even though i say i don't like this job, it's just my personality, to want to be good at things i do. so i still try my hardest. my best. i read. and read. update. i complied with whatever the tasks they gave me. bear with people.

this job....there is so much responsibility you have to endure. so kids, if you want to choose "dietetik" think again. again and again. ask people in this industry.

i'll write about this again later on.