Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ketogenic Diet Geek

Dengan ini berlabuhlah tirai saya menjadi seorang yang geek dalam ketogenic diet! haha. Ada ke boleh tidak menjadi geek/enthusiast lagi dah?

1) Syukur Alhamdulillah dapat present dengan baik tadi. Thanks my cosmate for paying a full attention. And especially thanks to my "beloved" lecturer for not firing me. tehehe

dunno why but i like this pic!! it's during our diet dinner this year lol

2) GTD 405 Nutrition & Dietetics Seminar telah membuatkan aku tidur hanya 4-5 jam selama 3 hari. nutjob betol. Baca jurnal bagai nak rak. Highlight highlight kuning kuning kuning. Tapi bagus gak sebenarnya, aku dapat belajar dan lebih faham pasal ketogenic diet ni. ahak.

3) Presentation hari ni bagi aku lesson bahawa aku kena praktis aku nye English, as in SPEAKING. Huuu. Today, when they asked me questions, I really have a hard time to use English fully for explaination, there always a tendency for me to use Malay.

"this ketogenic diet tuuu"
"efficacy lah"


In my brain, I always think in English, but when I want to speak it, words are just never coming out!!

4) After this presentation, somehow it boosts my self-esteem a lil bit. Maybe becos my lecturer's choice of words to say..I felt appreciated lah after presenting! Compare with yesterday's SU presentation....I felt a lil bit down after present.

5) Last but not least, ask me anything about ketogenic diet!!! hahahaa...

6) On an unrelated note, my rumet just passed his paediatric posting exam. We both stay awake at night until 3-4am this week. I thought he was playing games, but actually he's studying!! Tahniah tahniah to ourselves~~

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7:45pm, 30/03/11