Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sambung Master - PhD...?

Nak sambung ke? Sambung ke?

My dad keep telling me to continue study. I replied saying this field is not my field of interest. I wanted to do engin, something to do with math and physics. But I guess it's stupid to look back. Time to look forward. Let's say, I want to pursue my study (really? no). What topic should I focus on? It should still be something related to Dietetics & Nutrition. Tak boleh lari jauh sangat betul?

Honestly, I'm tired of this nutrition stuff. Mostly talking about prevention, eat A will cause/prevent B, guidelines, blah2.

Let's say I really want to continue study. Dr Zafarina said we must be creative about our research topic. So..I am going to do (fill in the blanks please). Haha. Actually, I do have an idea about what topic should I do. But I don't think it's a good idea to share with my competitors out there. ahak
(macam la ko betul2 nak sambung...)

Even if I decide to continue study, will I be able to get the fellowship? Or any sponsor to fund my study? My CGPA is not really that cemerlang... Duit oh duit.

Plus, will I be able to finish my study? Doing thesis?? My course is the only one without final year project, so I never have any experience. Wait, wait. Does doing a survey and make an abstract count?


Ok enough of pessimistic talk.

Let us be optimistic like Dr Izzie Stevens.

"You will come through this!!"

. gojes beb. She is too hot to be a doctor. Every hot girls should be stupid and dumb! Well, I guess it just happens on the TV. IRL?

P/S: What we want is exactly what we need. But sometimes..what we need is a new plan.

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5:04pm, 24/03/11