Tuesday, July 3, 2012

chanz is anticipating these albums in 2012!

By "anticipating" means; I cannot wait. To have them. In physical!


Already out. But still do not own it. Should have bought it at KLCC last week.

The cover is not official I think. Muse is trying a new thing. It's called dubstep, something related to electronic. I don't know. Should be good. Survival is good.


It's GReeeeN. Want to know the album's title? It's....."Uta utai ga uta utai ni kite uta utae toiu ga uta utai ga uta utau dake utai kireba uta utau keredomo uta utai dake uta utaikirenai kara uta utawanu!?"  

Yeah I know, it's not possible to get a hard copy of this. kuso.


I'm not sure they could be labelled as nasyid anymore. Anas Tahir joined them. Many collaboration with other local artists. Should be awesome. Was already released. But I CAN'T SEEM TO FIND THIS ALBUM ANYWHERE!

Not sure when will it be released. Must grab it.


6ixth Sense's new religi album. Thought to be released this Ramadhan? Not sure what is the title going to be. I'll grab when I see one.

That's it.