Friday, July 27, 2012

Green Blood #1

So I've been reading this new manga.. Green Blood.

demn the art is superb!

the shadowing, the lighting. the realistically old building and accurately historical facts, and the emotions shown by the characters.

dilukis dengan sangat sangat teliti!

grim reaper..
how he portray the light from the fire is amazing. how much of it should be shown. and the sight of Brad at the back....really kind of creeping, totally Grim Reaper.

edited: okay, just found out, the manga-ka, Kakizaki Masasumi was the one responsible for Rainbow. I only watched the anime though. No wonder it felt dejavu!

p/s: i'm so into seinen manga. shounen days are disappearing.. still stucked with One Piece though, probably because I've been growing up with it. and..Sanji of course. Other one is Naruto.