Sunday, July 22, 2012

cycle of life.


one day you felt very hopeful, the next few days, suddenly you feel hopeless..

one day you're diligently working, the next few days, your ass so heavy you're freakin' lazy!

one day you're damn happy, the next few days you're super sad, moody, and angry..

one day you love your job, the next few days you question yourself "why did i do this job?"

one day you remember your God, the next few days, you forgot the reason you're created.

one day you miss somebody, the next few days how you wish for them to be gone.

one day you said yah00!, the next few days you say b0011sh!t!

one day you finished your task in a minute, the next few days, always, you procrastinate.

one day everything was so right, the next few days..everything's going south.


today, tomorrow, you're either one of those two.

never mind. do your best. try to. always. it's life.

cuz even when it's cloudy, it doesn't always rain.