Thursday, July 12, 2012

chanz's review: Saving Hope

So I'm watching a new show; "Saving Hope" which only been running for few episodes, premiered on June 7th, NBC. It's a medical + supernatural drama. I can't help it when it comes to "medical drama".

Each time a new show came out, my attraction factor is always medical drama. I've tried Trauma, Mental, A Gifted Man. Sadly, most of them didn't last long. No season two.

No, you do.

Anyway, Saving Hope caught my attention because it has Erica Durance. Remember Lois Lane of Smallville? I thought I want to see how does she look like as a doctor/surgeon. Hmmph. Much better than being a reporter. :3

Just now I watched episode 2, "Contact" and then I thought I should write something. In short, the story is about Dr Alex Reid (Erica Durance); while on her way to get married to Dr Charlie Harris (Michael Shanks) they got into a car accident and Charlie ended up in coma. Interestingly, the comatose Charlie was seen to be having an out-of-body experience, his spirit wandering along the hospital halls. Hence, the story's premises. Alex, after having such unfortunate incident, she is still struggling with her work. And Charlie, still trying to figure out what to do with his current state. There's another character, Joel Goran, but he does not interest me (at the moment).

Ghosts, halls and bright lights.

Okay, my comments. For me, the show is decent. It's okay, just your average medical drama with supernatural twist. Actually, after reading the synopsis, I was hoping to see a tragic love story (kind of) but I didn't see that in the pilot episode. My attraction meter going down a bit. Next to attract is the patient. A big (fat) girl died after giving birth to a child leaving her super chibi boyfriend & a man with PTSD choosing to cut off his cancerous arm. Interesting? Nah, for me it's not that much. For a pilot episode, it failed to make me feel anything towards this show. Plus, the illuminating bright lights from every bulbs, mirrors, light sources in this show were giving me hell. My eyes no good to bright lights. I don't know why did they do that, maybe to make it more supernatural, more suitable for an out-of-body thingy.

It's Barney Stinson! Suit up!

However, the preview of next episode increase my attraction meter. So, another try. And yeah, this episode was better. The songs used in the show were also good. They are very Grey's Anatomy-ish. Slow pace kind of song.

I hope for more heartbreaking episodes. Hope!


I guess, Grey's Anatomy is the only English medical drama that intrigues me. demn it, can't wait for season 9! Lexie's gone!!!! And who survives?