Sunday, September 2, 2012


Sejenak aku terfikir.

I've always had it easy.

Maybe because I am the fourth of five.

I cannot not dependent on others.

It's not that I'm not independent, I'm actually really keen to be independent.

I prefer to do things alone.

I'm quite a loner myself.

I believe I can do everything myself.

If not, I would not have gone to study at Kelantan.

The truth is that I wish to go much more far away.

Japan, I thought. If not, Johor.

And then, there come your parents.

I know it's their responsibilities. To worry.

But back then they just never realized that their son has grown up.

19 is a grown up right.

Why couldn't they let us think for ourselves.


I guess I can understand why Narushima Ryo did it. Such a crazy idea. If you read Shamo, you would understand.

As of now, you are always been helpful.

I know you have other things to worry, you can though, not worrying about me.

I have my plans.

Maybe it's not realistic. Unpractical.

Maybe I can't achieve it.

But at least I'll do my best.

ganbare, is it right, YUI-san?


I appreciate what you're doing.

And I appreciate this life.