Monday, April 13, 2015


i feel like our life is repeating itself..

not just our life.

our world.

our universe.

they are a circle.

that's why the Earth is round?

rotating over and over again..

our galaxy?

my point is...we tend to repeat our history.

or perhaps, history will always have a way to repeat itself?

let's not look at the global scale.

i mean, not the history about war; about civilization; about destruction; not just that, not just about things that had happened in our world which is happening again and again.. not exclusively.

let's just look at our own life.

have you ever wondered?

let's make an easy example.

you met someone, stranger, unknowingly you grew fond of them, i guess we call it "falling in love", oh and after spending some time with them, you realize you're not meant to be, you're separated, you're broken hearted, and then you got sad, and then you got lonely...and then..after some long for that "love" again.

oh wow.

so called "easy" example.


if only you realized before..

would you get too close?

that's why.....

some people, they may seem distant.

like you won't be able to reach out to them.

you perceive them as cold person

why, you ask?

why can't you get them to open up to you?


they have put a barrier around them.

this invisible barrier.

you won't be able to see.

never will.

they don't even realize they put the barrier.

and where did this barrier come from?

for protection...

they are scared.

afraid of repeating the history..

......sad indeed.

here's the catch, you never knew whether or not the history will ever be the same right? i mean, could be, it's not necessarily going to be 100% resembling the past.. the results may vary. the experience or the journey may feel the same...but the end? who knows..

however, for these people...they've hurt so much. their barrier is not so easy to break. not easy implying it can be broken. it's fragile, still. well, unless it's made of diamond..

what i'm trying to say..

don't give up on them.