Sunday, April 19, 2015

we might have met

...i wonder.

if we might have met?

on the roads somewhere?

maybe at the mall?

oh i know. at the cafeteria?

wait wait....

at the bookstore?

maybe while lining up to pay for our groceries..

oh was that you who were wearing this peculiar black jacket with abstract design that day?

but your face never really caught my eye?

now now..was that you in the monorail..

which i had a glimpse on?

wearing a lovely red dress with your long hair

such mesmerizing eyes?

reading your books

staring at the windows..


oh have we talked to each other?

could be, momentarily?

could we have shared..

"excuse me"

"it's my pleasure"

oh yeah i know.

we might have glanced at each other.

have we smiled to each other that day?

maybe it's just common virtue

and yet..

we never knew each other

we were strangers.

no matter what had happened to us then..

it didn't matter.

because in the end,

we finally met.

it's a miracle.

i'm glad i met you, i hope you know that.