Saturday, January 1, 2011

Good-bye days of 2010..

I want to make a 2011 entry too!!! (Memang takde keja budak ni)

Actually, I just listening to YUI's song - Good-bye days. Dunno why...this song just feels right!!

Especially this part:
Oh good-bye days
I feel like things are changing now
So long yesterday and before
I have a clumsy tenderness by my side
La la la la la
~With you

So guys, again I am wishing for myself and you. So long for 2010 and let's welcome new days, 2011 to our life.

Yup. Good-bye days, 2010!! We are going to miss you so much! :)

Let's roll and roll this year...hehe

P/S: This year my birthday got a nice number....err....

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10:24 pm, 01/01/11