Thursday, May 26, 2011

[Reviu Band #4] Noctura did it again.

Made me stumble upon another female-fronted rock band while lurking on We Are The Fallen page.

Who and what is Noctura?

It's just another arising gothic rock band with the voice of a woman leading the song. I am not sure what does Noctura even mean. Nocturnal or what? Maybe it got something to do with nocturnal because their debut album named "Surrender the Sun".

Go listen to their bandpage at facebook and evaluate them yourself. Here

For more in-depth review, read here by hitpredictor.

They started their music promotion over the net, thus they already got many fans around the world. Even their album production is crowdfunded through fan donations!

And it does sound a lot like Evanescence, the voice is too much alike! Amy Lee! Especially this song, My Last Goodbye; it sounds like Imaginary.

Anyhow, let's just wait for their full album to be released in the near...November 2011?