Friday, July 8, 2011

[Reviu Merepek] Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon

Now what's all the fuss about this film? Ceh...

Short comments:

It's soooooo long! Easy plot, cliche cliche cliche. The sound of machine never impressed me. Hot girls? Nah you see them everywhere.

Long and negative comments:

1) It's so damn long. 2 hr 30 min. I could only last for 2 hr, and then I was busy with my h/p and rambling, monologuing (loudly) in the cinema.

2) Easy plot. Just like the previous Transformers 1 & 2. Nothing new nothing special. It's the same. It's always Autobots vs Decepticons. Sam with hot girlfriend as usual. There will always be super duper cars that made people dreaming to own it (and they will never get it). Military focused story. Again.

When the Autobots' spaceship exploded, OF COURSE they survive that! When Sam & the chick are in danger, OF COURSE Optimus Prime/Bumblebee coming in rescue! Of course...

4) The sound of machine never impressed me. I still remembered watching Terminator Salvation in the cinema, I was really annoyed by the machine's sound. KA CHANG TONG KANG! How does it feel to hear that kind of sound if you live near construction area/renovated road? DO YOU LIKE THAT? DO YOU LIKE THAT? <-- read this like Breaking Benjamin's song, the Diary of Jane for ultimate feeling

5) Here's the thing that made me thinking. If you shoot your gun at steels, would it have any effect??? These Transformers are made from steel right???? So? (correct me if I'm wrong)

Positive comments:

The only thing awesome for me is seeing the cars transform into robots (for 2-3 seconds only lol?). I wish they highlight this more...Not focusing on the war and the destruction..If not..what's the point of the title "TRANSFORMERS"? Pointless. Kudaranai.

2) And yeah..the graphics........of course...nowadays people able to make world destruction/awesome robots image into reality. It's seen in any other movies..SO...what is so special about this movie's graphic?? I don't know, even though I have seen it somewhere I still like the graphic..

3) I like seeing people flying!!!!! hahaha~ (Note: Shizuo) The one scene where a group of military people jumped off the ship and flying like a bat~ Awesome... I wish I could fly like them. Just wonder, is the flying suit real?

4) DEREK SHEPHERD!!!! I like this guy in Grey's Anatomy. I hope he won't be leaving this series..

5) Linkin Park's Iridescent~


There is nothing epic in Transformers. I bet people who like Transformers never know the epicness of GUNDAM. Peace and out~

P/S: "You are the only one (girl) that I need in this world." -  Sam
"Wow really?? I love you I love you soooo much!!" - Awek

Yeah right. What about your previous gf? You said the same thing didn't you?