Monday, July 25, 2011

tfsoc #4 - the hakims; prologue to alternate universe

tfsoc - the fictional story of chanz

this is tl;dr post. don't read it please. seriously, you get bored.

So..I can't sleep. And these came to mind.

In life, there are always be decisions we have to make. Be it for our destiny or whatever, they are important. I wonder what would be happen to the other hakims that have chosen these other paths in life. Until now, there are only these hakims that came to my mind. Let's see who they are.

no. 1 - hakim jepun

okeh. i got that name since school already. people knows i am this wapanese who keeps telling people he wants to go and study in Japan. yeah right. i am from smka, which you don't find much people like me there. you guys know that i got the offer from jpa for engin in Japan. and somehow, i didn't go. so...what do you think will happen to this hakim?

no. 2 - hakim perfect

i believe if i chose this path, i might get the perfect life. well, i believe so..who knows what might really, after spm i applied for the maktab (ministry education)..i put tesl (sek ren), tesl (sek men), math for my choices..i put tesl 1st 2nd just because it stated there LUAR NEGARA. haha! and of course..i went for the tesl interview. it's funny when i think about the interview. there are only three candidates. me, this friend that i hadn't meet since skptm (i mention him previously) and a girl. (now thinking back, the girl kind of cute. err..) what's so funny? WE THREE DO NOT HAVE ANY INTEREST AT ALL TO GET THIS TESL. lolwutz? we say it out loud during our group interview, that we only come for "sesaja", just to get interview's experience or something. my skptm fren, on the other hand said he only interested in doing engin. i just don't want to be a teacher, (takkan nak cakap tu kot) so i said the same thing as him. the interviewers may think we are stupid for saying that.....

anyway, i thought i wouldn't get this offer, i also not interested in being a teacher...but then, during matric, in the middle of chemistry lecture, i got a call. i still remember clearly that day, i sat at my usual place in kuliah, beside me was ayie, aiman, and baem. it was 12pm something, i still remember because after the call i went back to my room. it's lunch time. instead of going to cafe, i went to my room to answer the call. the caller was a woman, asking me "is this muhammad hakim", and i said to him i'm in the middle of kuliah, and she said she will call me later. so...while walking to my room, she called me again..and the first thing she asked me...of all things.."hakim ni memang minat nak amek engineering ka?" i was lost. what is this? "aah yaa ya.." "ni saya call dari kementerian pendidikan, nak tanya la betul ka nak amek engineering, sebab kita ada place untuk matematik punya.." "ohh..aah ah memang minat engineering.." "oo ha ha" she laughed. (you know the kind of laugh when you feel your words are pointless to the people you talked..?) "aah ha ha.." i laughed back. "kalau macam tu takpa la.."

after the was then i started thinking. why didn't i ask more detail from her?? later i got back to room, telling my fren aiman about it..and my dad....and at night my roomate said his friend is quitting math offer for study in......UK!! wtf!! UK?? how come UK??? it wasn't stated during my application!! that thoughts were only in my mind of course..i told my roomate about my call that day...and he said i was stupid for not accepting it............ (yeah i know i was..)

that night, i kept thinking and thinking.....why the hell didn't i ask more? if i heard the word UK/oversea from the caller...i might have said YES!! but then another thought came, you know how i said i didn't want to be a teacher? it got something to do with my dad. my dad is a teacher.. and..i, really really don't want to follow his footsteps at all. listen, i am the fourth children in the family & born at the same place, which were just like my dad. they even said i looked just like my dad!! enough is enough........ living in another shadow of someone else.. i just don't like the idea of it. and i don't even like being teachers. back to school...? nah...

these were all my thoughts back then. they were immature. what would happen if i took this path?? i mean..what if i ask the caller properly..or call her back or something..who knows...if the offer still stand..would my life be perfect? one, i love math so much. two, i get to go to oversea. three, i don't have to worry about getting a job. perfect, isn't it?

no. 3 - hakim otaku

this is maybe the least possibility for the another path taken...well...i don't even go to the interview..haha...but let's say la..let's say i went to the interview..which was telekom scholarship..for a study in engin in mmu..and the interview was for five days, and being held during my orientation week in usm.... so of course la tolak kan.. malas dah nak fikir interview, perhaps, let's just go get a degree i think.. it's just my confidence, i think i might get the scholarship...hua hua...UTP i understand i didn't get it, it's tough and competing..but this..i may get.

so..what would happen if i get it? i might have become an ultimate's in cyberjaya...mmu....keke.. let's talk more about this later okeh..

no. 4 - hakim ceria

for those been reading this blog should know that my first choice for upu actually was microelectronic engin in utm. second was telecommunication engin (utm). third was dietetics, followed by medical radiation (usm). i changed the choice after we get the exam result, dietetics into no rad no. 2..and micro, tele com...zzz

so what would happen to this hakim? he will be happy. i don't know. he got many friends from matric. his junior from school which he was very close to also went there. he will learn math. he will learn about microchips. he should be happy. he may even got another chance to go to japan. seriously, he would be happy!!!

that's all, i guess. let's talk about this later on..

i hope i will be able to meet these four guys. itsuka.....

when i can't sleep at night, inilah hasilnya.

P/S: Telepathy only occurs when people experience these two things: epiphany and danger. I need these to send message to myself in the past

Note: I don't need people saying to me this is fate, god knows the best bla bla, i am not regretting or anything, i am just thinking about possibility, i am curious.. and I CAN'T SLEEP TONIGHT.