Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Finally I've reached this episode of Grey's Anatomy lulz!

I've been marathoning Grey's Anatomy since last semester break before going practical, after I able to leech a lot of US TV series from my friend, analyser. :) thanks dude. Smallville, Bones, Numb3rs, Dexter, etc there were a lot of series I got from him which had run for more than 4-5 seasons (took a lot of time to finish), and.. I decided to watch Grey's Anatomy first.

Now why would I want to watch this series?

I studied in health care. I could not avoid not knowing about medical stuff.

Previously, the only English medical drama I watched was House. I liked it so much until I made a post/review about the episodes in this blog lol. If you read the early entries of this blog, you knew what I mean.

And so I wanted more. It's just the curiosity in typical INTP people. :P I tried to watch other medical series. Trauma. And Grey's Anatomy. Trauma is good. But..after the NoTouch external harddisk decided to be in vegetative state, all of my downloaded Traumas were gone....


I've watched Grey's Anatomy on NTV7, occasionally. I liked it. But...well this series is not suitable to be watched with your family lulz. With the sex and kissing...ahak. When the season 6 of Grey's Anatomy started to air (at the time I was so into downloading using torrent from eztv, I still remembered it was in my third year first semester 2009), I gave it a shot for Grey's Anatomy S6 episode 1 & 2 - Good Mourning.

007 referring to George, License to Kill

The episode started with Meredith narrating about the five stages of grief. I've learned about it in my psychology subject so I thought it was interesting. And then...I was emotionally attached watching the episode.

The heroic act by George

They found out that their John Doe, the one got hit by the bus was George O'Malley when he was trying to save a woman standing in front of him. With multiple injuries including the face, he was unable to be identified. And.....after they found out who he was, he could not be saved. Brain dead in the surgery. Thus his colleagues and friends all dealing and grieving in their own ways following all five stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargain, Depression and Acceptance.

The last one to cry. After 37 days..

I was very confused that time because I did not know all the characters very well! The only characters I know were Meredith, Derek, Bailey and Yang. I did not get the relationship between the characters. Still I liked the show. The episode not really a tearjerker... because just after the scene of a character broke in tears, later came a scene filled with adrenaline in the ER/another patient suddenly got worse. I liked that part too.

I was confused. I wished that I could understand the story better. And once I able to get hold of this series, I watched it!

Now, after finishing all five seasons, I get it. What happens to the characters. The plot. Why some characters like Burke had left the show.

Are they really laughing?

And after watching this episode for the second time, I understand more. I could laugh too when they were "laughing" during George's funeral. And I get it what Callie means by ex-husband. I familiarized with the character's face.

If to compare this series to House now.. I think I might have liked GA more. I have lost interest in House since Season 6. Since House started being nice and happier, less mocking, condemning and sarcasm, the show was just dull and boring. I don't care anymore if the series unable to continue for Season 8. Sod off..

GA also got a lot of interesting cases as well - penis fish? ever heard? And also bunch of broken and crazy people.

Lesson from this: Never watch any series at the middle/the end. If you want to watch a long series, watch it from beginning. ahak.. then you don't have to wonder what? why? how?? bla blahh...

P/S: Grief may be a thing we all have in common but it looks different  on everyone. - Meredith Grey.